7 Tips To Help You Have More Energy All Day

21 April, 2021 , ,

4. Make sure you are well hydrated

If you are dehydrated you may have more difficulty concentrating and you may even feel drowsy and tired. In addition, being dehydrated can lead to snacking because it is easy to confuse a feeling of thirst with that of hunger. Before you open your cupboards and have a snack, ask yourself if you’ve had enough water first!

Make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the day.

5. Watch out for caffeine

Caffeine decreases the perception of fatigue, which is why you may tend to opt for a coffee (or 5 or 6!) However, drinking too much caffeine can cause irritability, nervousness, headaches and insomnia. Health Canada recommends that you do not exceed 400mg of caffeine per day for an adult, which is the equivalent of 3 cups of 250ml of brewed coffee or 3 servings of 1/4cup (65ml) of espresso coffee.

Note that coffee is not the only food or drink item that contains caffeine. It is also found in tea, chocolate, some liqueurs and energy drinks. If you wish to reduce your caffeine consumption: 5 Alternatives To Coffee

6. Be active a little bit every day

In order to improve your general health (both mental and physical) and to combat fatigue, there is no better solution than regular physical activity. If you’re not used to physical activity, start with 10 minutes of continuous exercise a day and gradually increase.

And if you think you’re too old or don’t have enough time, you need to think again!

7. Have a sleep routine

Sleeping well is just as important as eating well. As long as you are adopting healthy eating habits, do the same with your sleep.

A lack of sleep has several negative health impacts, so go to sleep when you feel the first signs of fatigue. Don’t wait to finish your movie or send one last email (you’ll probably be more productive if you send it tomorrow morning after a good breakfast).

To make it easier to sleep well, eat a light dinner and avoid stimulants such as alcohol, excess caffeine and evening snacking.

If you have trouble falling asleep, practice some relaxation or meditation exercises before going to bed.

In conclusion

Having enough energy throughout the day depends on various factors but a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices greatly contribute to it.

There are no miracle solutions: plan good meals and balanced snacks, adopt an active lifestyle, get enough sleep and avoid excesses of all kinds and you should begin feeling more energetic!

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Jennifer Morzier

Jennifer Morzier

Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian graduated from the University of Montreal in December 2018 and is a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ). She believes that the quality of our food choices has a direct impact on our health and energy level. Her goal? To help people improve the quality of what they put in their plates, for their better well-being and greater pleasure.

Jennifer Morzier

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